UV Urethane refers to the specially formulated UV Cured Polyurethane Acrylate coating process we use to provide a long-lasting resilient finish on our hardwood floors. The coating is high in scratch resistance and is specifically designed for optimum durability. However, if over time, the sheen on the floor diminishes due to natural wear and tear from foot traffic, it can be easily revitalised using recommended wood polish and cleaning products.

UV Oil describes the coating process where natural oils are combined with chemical modifiers and photo initiators to harden and fortify under UV light. This provides a cleaner and more even finish in comparison to on-site natural oil finish. Our UV Cured Oil system also offers better chemical properties with improved scratch resistance that lasts longer when compared to purely natural oils. As it is still an oiled surface, regular cleaning and maintenance is required to keep oiled floors revitalised and looking like new.