Regional Sales Team

Spanning five continents and combining a passion for our product, a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of their markets, our team of sales professionals is ready to help you find the flooring solutions to meet your needs.

Forestry Timber Sales Team-Stuart Smith


Region: Global Sales
Tel: +44 7738 914 613
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Stuart has worked in the timber trade since 1982, initially specialising in hardwoods from Southeast Asia before focusing on importing engineered hardwood flooring into the UK in the late 1990s. Stuart has worked with Forestry Timber since 2007 and has a vast wealth of experience in hardwood flooring markets worldwide. Based between London and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Stuart travels continually which enables him to deliver customer solutions with a truly global perspective.

Forestry Timber Sales Team-Shad Gates


Region: North America
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Shad has worked in the wood flooring industry since completing his degree in Construction Management in 2001. In the early days his love for wood and craftsmanship provided the impetus for him to start his own wood flooring company. His determination to provide his customers with the best result ultimately led to him falling in love with the quality, style and unique artistry of Forestry Timber’s products where he has worked for the past four years servicing the North American market.

Forestry Timber Sales Team-Niklas Karlsson


Region: Southern USA
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Originally from Sweden, Niklas moved to Brazil in order to specialise in selling solid and exotic engineered wood flooring to the US market. After relocating to the USA in 2006 to better serve his customers, Niklas now calls Atlanta home and enjoys bringing his Scandinavian sense of style, detailed knowledge of the industry and focus on delivering a high quality outcome to his US customers.

Forestry Timber Sales Team-Claus Reuscher


Region: North East USA
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With more than 25 years in the industry Claus is passionate about selling high quality flooring that delivers an aspirational outcome. Covering the North East USA since 1997, Claus’ customers benefit from his in-depth market knowledge and his value-add approach to the product, process and project.

Forestry Timber Sales Team-Gabriela Stickler


Regions: Latin America | USA | Canada | Italy
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With more than 20 years’ experience in sales, Gabriela understands what it means to deliver great customer service. Her customer base spans Latin America, USA, Canada and Italy and her global lifestyle (she was born in Peru and has lived in eight countries so far) ensures she brings a highly prized international perspective and cultural understanding to each project.

Forestry Timber Sales Team-Thomas Riese


Regions: Germany | Austria | Hungary | Greece | Netherlands
Tel: +49 221 870 900
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Based in Germany, Thomas is the fifth generation owner of his family’s wood flooring company. Generations of learning and a commitment to leading edge design results in a knowledge of the market and strength of customer relationships that is unparalleled. Thomas has been in partnership with Forestry Timber since 2006 and is a specialist in engineered hardwood flooring.

Forestry Timber Sales Team-Guillaume Calon


Region: France | Belgium | Luxembourg
Tel: +33 680 638 800
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Guillaume has been one of France and Europe’s top importers since 1991. His European expertise combined with extensive experience in the timber markets of Brazil and Indonesia result in an in-depth knowledge of hardwood flooring that is highly valued by his diverse European customer base.

Forestry Timber Sales Team-Javier Montesinos


Regions: Spain | Portugal | Latin America
Tel: +34 609 066 909
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Javier was raised in the family timber business in Barcelona, fell in love with the product and has worked in the industry ever since; he now shares his time between Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Javier is passionate about the process of creating beautiful flooring – from watching our artisanal craftsmen create vintage wood floors by hand through to seeing the joy on the faces of his customers when they see the finished product.

Forestry Timber Sales Team-Allan Thomsen


Regions: Denmark | Switzerland | Faroe Islands | Iceland
Tel: +45 40146581
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Since 1986 Allan has devoted his career to ensuring his customers have access to world class wood flooring solutions. Based in Denmark his extensive knowledge of the market and understanding of lifestyle and design trends ensures he delivers the optimum outcomes for his customers.

Forestry Timber Sales Team-Jozef Konarik


Region: Eastern Europe
Tel: +421 911 696 086
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Based in Slovakia, Jozef started his career overseeing the manufacturing process in an engineered wood flooring plant. The combination of Jozef’s in-depth technical knowledge and passion for customer service has seen him become a leading authority in Eastern Europe’s wood flooring market.

Forestry Timber Sales Team-John Ladberg