Established in 1991, Forestry Timber is a family-owned business, based in the Isle of Man. Over time, we have developed a global reputation for quality, service, and innovation. Our unique combination of cutting-edge technology and hand craftsmanship create bespoke 3-ply engineered hardwood flooring (parquet) that is in high demand for residential, retail, and commercial spaces around the world.

Our Sales Directors span the globe and are recognised for their expertise and experience in hardwood flooring. Each Director offers a deep knowledge of their regional market, understands client expectations, and is at the forefront of international trends. This ensures our clients – including multinational franchises, developers, and small to medium-sized suppliers – receive the best-fit solution for the needs of their individual markets.

My goal has always been to be ahead of the market with new ideas; monitoring and evaluating global trends from the unique perspective of our highly diverse, worldwide, customer base.

Every regional market has a different “personality” influenced by a range of factors. For example, Designers in our European market tend to take a more conservative approach to colour choices; ensuring the end result offers the ideal flooring solution – both visually and practically – through all seasons. Conversely, markets with less variations in weather tend to be more adventurous with their colour choices.

Diverse colour ranges, combinations of contrasting shades, and pattern variations are key to supplying international markets. Globally, there is a high demand for our Fashion collection with its chevron and herringbone patterns. In particular, designers are enjoying the modern twist our colour range and shade contrasts bring to these classic, elegant patterns.

The vintage / retro look remains extremely popular worldwide with an increasing appetite for old fitting pattern, and distressed floors.  Aligned with this is a growing demand for wider floorboards which interior designers are appreciating for their versatility in creating both a sleek minimalist look and feel, and the grander, more traditional look.

A worldwide focus on sustainability has resulted in a decline in interest for exotic wood species whilst increasing demand for our responsibly sourced ash, Western European oak, Tasmanian oak, and pecan.  With a rapidly growing, climate conscious customer base, we are experiencing an ever-increasing demand for products like ours that use timber more efficiently and with less impact on the environment than traditional timber floors.

Regardless of whatever pattern or product is popular and on-trend today, having and maintaining a global perspective is crucial in enabling us to keep ahead of demand and innovate our product range. Designers are constantly looking for new designs and different approaches to flooring to offer their customers. Our mission is to support them in leading the market and creating value for their customer by being at the forefront of the future of flooring.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring, making the ordinary, extraordinary!

Gurjeet Singh – CEO

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