What is an EPD?

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a comprehensive and standardised report that offers verified information about the environmental performance of goods and services over their entire lifecycle. In contrast to other eco-labels, EPDs provide objective and comparable information. EPDs are based on ISO 14025 standards and comprise a comprehensive Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) that assesses the environmental impact of the product from material extraction to end-of-life. EPDs are divided into two divisions: the first is a comprehensive LCA report for third-party verification, while the second is a document for public consumption that incorporates LCA results and other important data.

The advantages of EPDs is they are based on ISO 14025, a framework developed within the international organisation for standardisation, the holistic life cycle assessment compared to limited alternatives, coverage of the full lifecycle of goods and services, ensuring comprehensive sustainability insights, suitability for a variety of products and services without the need for predetermined environmental performance criteria, and enhancement through third-party validation. EPDs from the same product category adhere to the same rules (PCR), allowing for accurate comparisons between product groups.

The Synergy Between EPDs and Forestry Timber

Forestry Timber is a pioneer in sustainable wood flooring, embodying environmental responsibility as a core principle. Committed to sourcing all materials from sustainably managed forests and adhering to stringent global environmental standards, Forestry Timber prioritises the use of renewable resources. By utilising timber sources from well managed forests in low risk countires, choosing to use timber resources from plantation species (which are felled only at the end of their productive life), minimising wastage at every step of production, and recycling timber within production, we strive to conserve and make our product compliant keeping the forestry industry sustainable and relevant for years to come.This dedication to sustainability aligns seamlessly with the concept of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), where their transparent, third-party verified EPDs provide comprehensive insights into the environmentally conscious journey behind each flooring product. You may therefore walk on your beautiful floor with absolute confidence that you have made the right choice for both you and our planet.

Installation of Forestry Timber flooring will contribute towards satisfying Credit “Low Emitting Materials” under LEED® and meets the testing requirements and emission levels criteria for VOC emissions at the exemplary BREEAM Level.

Forestry Timber is Chain of Custody Certified, with flooring options available, on request only, in both FSC® & PEFCTM.

Here’s an outline of Forestry Timber’s EPD for Engineered Hardwood flooring:

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Data:

  • Raw Material: Information about the source of raw materials, such as wood veneers, adhesives, and finishes. Data on wood sourcing (e.g., sustainably managed forests), energy consumption, and emissions from material sourcing.

  • Manufacturing: Information about the production process, including energy consumption, water usage, and emissions associated with manufacturing engineered wood flooring.

  • Transportation: Data on the transportation of raw materials and finished products.

  • Installation: Environmental impacts related to the installation process, including adhesives and energy consumption.

  • End-of-Life: Disposal options for the flooring, such as recycling or incineration, along with associated environmental impacts.

Environmental Impact Categories:

  • Presentation of environmental impact categories such as greenhouse gas emissions (carbon footprint), energy consumption, water usage, acidification, eutrophication, and more.

Environmental Product Declaration

Green Collection Award