Forestry Timber has 7 categories of grading for western European Oak, which is mainly sourced from France and Germany.

These images are representative of each category of grading, however, each plank has it’s own unique characteristics which are similar to finger prints. Our flooring packs will have a combination of planks, therefore, it is recommended that 4 to 6 packs are opened and laid out prior to installation this will ensure an even distribution of grading in a room.

Accuracy of colour and wood characteristics: whilst we have made every effort to ensure the colours and wood characteristics displayed on our website are as accurate as possible these images may vary from the actual product.



Forestry Timber’s Prima grade is considered the cleanest and finest of grades in oak. With very few closed knots. The natural colour of the oak is consistent on most of the planks. There are no obvious character markings or colour contrasts. Due to the level of clarity on this grade, raw material is in limited supply.


Forestry Timber’s Classic grade of Oak has minimal markings. Those that can be seen are in split, group and sound knots, with some evidence of a slight colour contrast between planks. Truly a classic look in floors.



Forestry Timber’s Rustic oak is one of our most popular. Variations in wood markings create planks with many distinctive characteristics including mineral streaks and sapwood. Split, group, and sound knots, along with occasional end cracks add to the beauty of each plank. Colour contrasts between planks add depth to the rustic grade floor.


The Signature grade is a specially curated selection of extra wide planks, ranging in widths from 290mm to 400mm, that showcase the distinctive and natural features of Western European Oak. These planks are chosen to exhibit the inherent beauty of the wood, including surface knots, heart knots, split knots, group knots, and sound knots. Additionally, a limited number of edge knots, end cracks, and some sapwood may be present.

The Signature grade emphasises the beloved characteristics of Western European Oak, highlighting its unique colour variations stimulated by tannins and mineral streaks present in the heartwood. This grade celebrates the natural charm and visual diversity of the wood, providing a stunning and authentic flooring option for any home or commercial space.



Forestry Timber’s Antique Collection has an inherent beauty. Planks show a variety of characteristics with many types of knots including heart knots, surface knots, end cracks, and sapwood. This grade shows contrasts in colour due to tannins in the wood. Antique grading is coupled with handmade surface enhancements to bring about truly antique flooring characteristics.


Forestry Timber’s Lifestyle grading is used for our Lifestyle, Heritage Island and River collections – all top sellers due to the wide range of reactive colours available. Very similar to the Antique grading, in addition this grading allows for edge knots. Every plank exudes artistic beauty of the tree’s characteristics.



Encouraged by clients requesting floors with more pronounced characteristics, Forestry Timber developed Variante. This grade is embellished with a variety of knot sizes, including heart and surface knots, and allows the inclusion of sound boards coming from the centre of the tree so may include filled heart cracks. The planks show some variation in colour, highlighting sapwood characteristics that add to the overall beauty of the floor.


Filled Knots & Fillers

Knots are a natural visible characteristics in wood grain. These knots are formed by side branches or the base of the tree trunk. Open knots are usually sealed with filler which may be in various colours: white, grey brown or black.



Sapwood is the outer layer of the tree trunk, which contains less tannins. The sapwood usually shows as a light streak on the outer edge of a plank.

Medullary Rays

Medullary rays are cellular structure which may look like white ribbons perpendicular to the growth rings of the tree trunk.