Flooring crafted to last a lifetime

Whether you’re in a cold climate, somewhere in the tropics, or anywhere in between, the strength of our technology and production processes enable us to deliver high-end wood flooring that’s engineered to withstand most climates.

Featuring our scientifically developed core technology and produced under the strictest conditions, our engineered hardwood flooring is delivered ready to install and take any space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Choosing wood flooring for your commercial, retail or residential spaces doesn’t need to be a chore. No matter your preference, no matter your needs – we’ve got what you’re looking for.

We use Hevea Braisliensis – a plantation hardwood – to create the core of our engineered hardwood flooring. Used at the end of its natural lifecycle, Hevea is a sustainable alternative to slower-growing hardwoods and has the same density and strength as White Oak, creating a long-lasting, stable hardwood floor.

Hevea is the ideal timber to use as the core of our engineered hardwood flooring – giving you a floor with greater dimensional stability and the ability to withstand fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

Hevea Brasiliensis Plantation

Hevea Brasiliensis Plantation

Hevea Core – Provides strength & durability

Hevea Core – Provides strength & durability

Core Structure


  • Intelligent engineering within the Hevea core means that, once installed, our flooring will sense and acclimatise to its surrounding environment to create the perfect fit.

  • The scientifically formulated Hevea core ensures our floors can withstand external pressure to change. Our floors are less likely than traditional timber flooring to expand, contract or move when exposed to moisture, humidity or temperature extremes.

  • Incorporating a Hevea core enables us to provide the dimensional stability needed to make the beautiful 400mm wide planks favoured by interior designers and homeowners worldwide.

  • No unpleasant surprises! Our wood is treated with a natural mineral pesticide to eliminate fungi and borer pests and is safe for family and pets.

Top Coat 

  • Our finishes include a large range of colours and stains which are protected with premium top coats of either 7 layers of scratch resistant UV urethane or 3 layers of UV oil.

Hardwood Surface

  • From Oak to Ash, Maple to Walnut to Wenge – we have a huge range of sustainably-sourced, stunning hardwoods to choose from.

  • We only produce premium quality products and, unlike other flooring suppliers, we do not use veneers.

  • Our wide range of beautiful hardwoods is available in surface thicknesses of either 3.2mm or 6mm.

  • Our hand-crafted surface treatments and textures combine artisanal detail with the latest technology to create a floor that is unique to your space.

Core Layer

  • At the heart of every floor is our specially formulated pattern of Hevea hardwood which gives our flooring its core strength and stability.

Foundation Layer

  • The final timber foundation gives additional stability and durability to the floor.

Forestry Timber Plank Specification